Modest Wedding Dress Patterns

41f2fe4f088371386707afb808b9519dIt’s that special time in a woman’s life where she finds herself nervous, yet excited about that big day in her life. The air is permeated with wedding fever, with so many things to do like sending out the wedding invitations, picking out the perfect giveaways, booking the wedding reception venue, selecting the perfect caterers, deciding on the colors and designs for the bridesmaids’ dresses, rehearsing for the wedding and finally the best part for any woman – looking for the wedding dress.

Girls have fantasized about what that dress will like when that day finally arrives to walk down the aisle, dreaming about being shrouded in the perfect white dress.

Modest Wedding Gown Patterns

There are so many wedding dress magazines and websites, with designs that are sure to leave you baffled at the end of it. You’ll spot a design that you really want to go with, and then suddenly see something else better. You’re indecisiveness will leave you switching between at least 20 different patterns – very exhausting task. So, if you’re going with a particular design, stick to it and

Rustic Wedding Ideas

rustic-outdoor-reception-right-next-to-the-barnColor Palette
Color palette plays a major role in bringing a balance and consistency in your theme. You can use colors like rust, gold, pine, brown, and champagne color shades for your rustic wedding.
It’s the most important day of life, but, planning a wedding is no easy task. If you want it to be different and unique then why not opt for a rustic wedding. It is the perfect theme for those who like to keep things simple, and want to be with their loved ones and nature on the day.

The charm of a rustic countryside wedding is unparalleled. It offers everything; beauty, privacy and simplicity. You can relax, and truly enjoy each moment, which is hardly possible in the city.

Planning needn’t be a task, as all friends and families can be involved to make it grand. To make it a little easier, we have sorted all the details for you, and compiled some of the best ideas. Take a look!

You can make your rustic wedding invitations simple yet interesting. If a wedding has a theme, it should

Summer Dresses for Weddings

f228c7132828ee51ad21075a82e8b19dSummer weddings are very popular, and along with the bride, even the guests attending the wedding are in need of tips and pointers regarding what to wear and what to avoid. The best thing about having a summer wedding is that you have a humungous variety and styles to choose from, and the length of the dresses can vary. If the wedding is during the day, you can wear short and casual dresses, whereas, if the wedding is at night, you could get into a stunning maxi and look fabulous. The length of the dress is not very important during the hot summer months, as comfort is the key factor that needs to be focused on. Style and comfort walk hand-in-hand, so it is best to be comfortable while making a style statement at a wedding. You can play around with bright colors, accessories, shoes, makeup, and jewelry, to make your attire look trendy and fabulous. One basic key point to remember while dabbling in different styles, is that, the final outcome should look glamorous, graceful, and decent. Given below are a

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A wedding or an engagement is a special occasion and every individual dream to get amazing jewelry, apparels along with everything.  Whatever may be your wish get the perfect rings with gemstones as per your choice and the love bands that are apt for the celebration. Starting from the regular designs till the unusual models get the rings that are stunning and owe an impressive appeal. The catchy ring designs are easily available at the genuine stores as the   expert designers offer an impressive collection. Get the fascinating models of the rings in sophisticated designs as a majority of the service providers are offering the rings designed in modern methods. The work of the skilled artists amazes every individual and get the designer rings which satisfy the fashion needs. In order to get the opulent ring one must do a thorough research and gain the rings at a much reasonable price.


Rely on the online stores and get the rings that are available within your budget and get the amazing rings of various metals at a much affordable range of price. Also, this is one

Dessert Ideas for Weddings

A wedding is considered to be incomplete without desserts. Whether it’s the wedding cake, cookies, ice creams, etc., desserts are loved and enjoyed by people of all ages. Since these dishes hold an essential part in a wedding, every couple wants to provide a memorable and inspiring dessert station, which will encourage their guests to join in the celebrations, and create a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.

Unique Ideas
While one can’t say when the tradition of a wedding cake began, it’s normally considered as a ritual of blessing the newly married couple with prosperity, fertility, and happiness. However, there are many people for whom it may not be on the top of the list of favorite desserts, and hence, present generation couples do not serve a traditional wedding cake. Cupcakes on stacked tiers with the top level as a small cake, can be an elegant alternative.
For couples who don’t want to feel obligated to have a four-tiered, fondant-covered wedding cake, individual ones in the shape of an open Tiffany-style box stuffed with cream and berries, or an inquisitive chocolate fountain, shaped like a three-tiered cake can be a stylish dessert option.
You can set up bowls having toppings

Funny Wedding Ideas

If we follow the conventional ideas of a wedding, then it is supposed to be sensuous, eternal, glamorous and in sync with traditions. We barely imagine a wedding to be funny or comical. Isn’t it? A wedding blended with humorous themes is rather unique. With so many options in hand you can laugh your heart out in your wedding ceremony. The day will be memorable forever when you make merry with your prospective bride/groom and the guests present there. Elements of fun when harmonized with traditions would indeed be a great idea for making the W-day extraordinary.

Funny Wedding Themes

Looking for some funny wedding ceremony ideas? You can utilize the unconventional wedding themes quite humorously. How? Think of characters from cartoon shows, sitcoms and movies that have made people laugh forever. You can prepare masks of the comical characters and wear them on your wedding. Dress up accordingly and create an ambiance that will complement the theme. Design the costumes and wear similar makeup to emulate the characters exactly. The preparations for hosting a funny wedding theme are definitely big and so for the costumes. However, your efforts will never go in vain when both of you share the

Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas

Are you looking for an innovative touch at your wedding reception? Do you want your wedding reception to be unique? Then a candy buffet is what you should add to your nuptial party. A wedding candy buffet is nothing but a table full of candies waiting to be relished by guests at the wedding. Candies are placed in containers or baskets with scoops and guests are invited to take as many candies as they want from the table. The self-serve candy buffet is amongst the latest trends in weddings today! They not only add fun and color to the wedding reception, but also take the bride and groom back to their childhood days. Candy buffets bring a smile on everybody’s face, irrespective of age, and add that extra touch of excitement to the wedding. An elaborate display of scrumptious sweets is sure to cause a lot of mouth-watering moments!

Candy Buffet Ideas for Weddings
While choosing candies for the buffet, one should consider the wedding theme, colors, and one’s favorite candies. Buffets inspired by the wedding theme appear very attractive at the reception. Candy buffets with coordinated colors appear far better than the random-colored ones. Don’t forget

Wedding Food Ideas

Planning and organizing a wedding is a huge venture and as a prospective bride you want everything to be just perfect. With so many things to oversee, from choosing a wedding dress to wedding decorations, it is important to remember, that the most memorable thing for your guests will be the food. Bad food or bad service at a wedding reception can be disastrous and there is nothing worse than watching the guests go unfed. So plan your wedding food with care and make the right choices while putting together a menu. Yes, putting together a menu for the wedding sounds intimidating, but with a bit of organizing you can come up with a menu that is both delicious and manageable. While there are many wedding food ideas, there are a number of factors that you should consider before finalizing a menu.

Choosing a Wedding Food Menu
Some important elements to consider before choosing a menu for your wedding are; the number of guests, the time of the reception, the theme of the wedding (if any) the style of food presentation and of course the budget. Choose caterers for your wedding reception after thoroughly reviewing their services and select

Ladies Suits for Weddings

Ladies suits undoubtedly exude elegance, class and grace If you are the mother of the bride or of the groom, a wedding suit is the perfect choice for you. You can select a color that matches with the wedding palette, and complements your skin tone and age. While the bride will be the one stealing the show, you too have to make an effort to look as beautiful as you can. Let it be known that you are the mother of the bride/groom and the one who is proudly giving her daughter away, or receiving a daughter-in-law instead! Let us find out why every woman must own a few formal suits for weddings.

Such suits were once a very integral part of formal occasions, where women wore their best ones for luncheon, kitty parties, gatherings, weddings, baptisms, prayer meetings, and for funerals. These suits have been losing their popularity with the onset of modern gowns and dresses, nonetheless the dignity and magnificence offered by these suits remains unmatched. After a certain age, some women find it inappropriate to wear certain designs and patterns of clothes. They would rather go in for something that graces their body and their state

Wedding Planning and Preparation Tips

There are a million things to be looked after at a wedding. You have the guest list to prepare, caterers to choose, wedding gown to select, etc. Sounds like quite a muddle, isn’t it? However, since this is a beautiful event, it is important that all the arrangements be extremely perfect. On that note, this article contains some wedding planning and preparation tips, which will make your marriage a memorable one and also reduce your hassle to a great extent.

List of Tips
Remember that you do not need to invite your co-workers. If there is someone you are close to, it is something else, but inviting 100 people from the office is just a waste of your money on the invitations, because only the ones that you are close to will come anyway.
The first step is deciding how much money you are going to spend, and make a budget. When planning the budget, allow 25% more for extras that you haven’t planned for.
Order the invitations four months in advance. Invitations should be mailed four to six weeks in advance. Take the invitations to the post office to be weighted for sufficient postage.
On the D-day, bring

Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

It the most important time of your life, that moment you have waited for. You want nothing short of the best. This winter season will launch you on a new journey you have always dreamed about. Having a winter wedding can be certainly advantageous in many ways. Sure, the winter brings a lot of chill and it’s not exactly fun to shiver in your wedding gown. Well, the great news is that there are many ideas you can think of to make this event a successful one for your friends, as well as your family.

Winter wedding planning can be fun and can incorporate many innovations in the theme of the event. You can see the brighter side; you do not have to doubt and worry about the weather and unexpected showers that can cause a damper.

Planning a Winter Wedding

This is where you can experiment with the theme, create dramatic effects, as well as innovate and improvise on the clothing. Planning during winters can also be a lot easier as you will be able to book the venues easily, which will help you manage the event without much hassle.

The Venue
The choice of the venue largely depends on the

Wedding Preparation

Congratulations! You are going to be a proud and beaming bride in days to come. I am sure you must be busy accepting congratulatory messages from friends and family upon your engagement. The wedding date is still far off, so you can just relax and bask in the company of your new-found love. Right? Wrong! If you wish to preserve that smile on your lips and the radiance on your face until your wedding day, then start with your preparations this moment. Why? Because wedding preparation is no child’s play and unless you have a team of wedding planners doing it for you, you can not afford to relax. A head start can give you ample time to plan things at your pace and avoid last minutes hassles. So, get your pen and paper and note down these wedding planning and preparation tips.

Decide Your Budget
The whole of our life revolves around money, and wedding is no exception. Hence, the first thing that you need to do is decide upon your wedding budget. A budget will enable you to decide the grandeur of your wedding. The choice of location and the number of guests are the factors that

How to Plan a Casual Wedding

Planning a wedding is an interesting yet challenging task for the organizer and the would-be bride and groom as well. With proper scheduling of events and the right plan in place you can definitely have a perfect wedding organized. If you are searching for some tips on how to plan a casual wedding then all you need to do is read the following sections of this Buzzle article. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you plan a perfect wedding.

Tips on Planning a Casual Wedding

Decide the Budget
You do not need to follow the regular rules and formalities while you opt for a casual wedding ceremony. The first thing you must do before working on the various ideas is deciding your budget. With an idea of the approximate amount you can spend for the wedding, planning will be much easier. Deciding your budget in advance will ensure that the preparations do not exceed the budget. Also that will help you spend enough wherever required.

Date and Venue
You can start the planning by deciding the wedding date. This will help you have an exact idea of how many days are left for making all the arrangements. Now you

Pre Wedding Preparations

I have always believed that a wedding is not a one day affair, but an event whose preparations can last somewhere around half a year at least. You prepare for a few months, then live through that one beautiful day and then bask in the glory of that day for a few more months. However, to make that one day beautiful, you need to prepare carefully. Pre-wedding preparations aren’t as easy as you think they might be. Yes, this article will surely make them easier for you, but the time it’s going to take you, nothing can possibly reduce that. We shouldn’t compromise on time anyway if we want that one day to be a perfect moment for everyone, isn’t it?

The preparations listed below are just the main categories of all the preparations you need to take care of, and the detailed preparations are listed below them in the paragraphs. The key to preparing well is, and has always been, to write down the preparations so that you don’t forget any minute detail, even if you wish to. Apart from these preparations, you also have occasions such as the rehearsal dinner to take care of. So, stop thinking

How to Choose a Wedding Location for the Big Day

Firstly, congratulations all you brides and grooms-to-be on your upcoming nuptials! From here on begins the planning of the big day you have always dreamed of. A picture perfect wedding! Perfect lights, fabulous decorations, scrumptious food, wedding cake, and the chaste wedding vows, Wow! Sounds so beautiful. However, for all these ideas and plans to fall in proper place, the wedding location you go in for is extremely important. It will truly reflect your style and enable you to cherish the magical moment forever. A wedding venue you select will give you a clear picture of the myriad ideas you can execute in that given room. When a couple starts looking for a wedding location, too often they fall in love with the ambiance and beauty of the place without even considering a few other factors that play an important role. Well, it happens in the moment and one cannot be blamed, after all it is the big day of their life. However, to avoid any regrets or incorrect planning here is an article that will help you select the best of locations and at the same time impress your guests with warm hospitality and fantastic arrangements. Read

Alternatives to Flower Girl Petals

Almost every aspect of weddings is being experimented with by brides and wedding planners alike. Long, ruffled, flowing gowns have given way to those with sleek and modern cuts. Meaningless (and sometimes useless) favors have given way to DIY and practical ones. The veil has transformed into a hat, and the shoes have outright been discarded for beach weddings.

After all is said and done, the wedding is a roaring success and everyone appreciates the thought, effort, and resourcefulness that went into planning and executing it. However, there may be one aspect that no one thinks about often, or rather takes for granted as a staple in any wedding not to be bothered with a bit of quirk and whimsy: the flower girl’s petal scattering.

There may arise instances when a wedding venue may not permit the use of flower petals to be scattered on the aisle. Or maybe you’re planning a wedding without flowers and the flower girl is the only aspect you’re worried about. Not to worry. We have put together 7 oh-so-adorable alternatives you can use instead of the traditional petals. Browse through them and let us know what you’ll pick!
Flower Basket

For the bride who wants

Big Advantages of Having a Small Wedding

For a Stress-free Wedding …
Having a small wedding will keep you calm and make you feel more relaxed on the wedding day, because you will be surrounded by familiar faces only.
Different people have different views about a wedding ceremony. While some think that the big day should be big in all aspects, some believe in keeping it simple and intimate. It is a great idea to share the moments of your special day with more people who are your near and dear ones. However, this plan may work well when you have a whole lot of friends and relatives to liven up the event. For others, a small wedding may be just perfect.

If we think a little deeper, a cycle of expenses may be formed while planning a big wedding, which begins with the venue.
Problem Areas You Can Avoid

» Since it is gonna be a large wedding, the venue ought to be some grand palace or a similar bigger place. As the venue is big, the decorative pieces, like the centerpieces, backdrops, and other accessories should match the level of the venue.

» Next comes the wardrobe, one of the highlights of any wedding. A huge

Wedding Transportation Ideas

You ought to know…
…decorating the car is generally done by the groom’s male friends – men who effectively have lost their chances with the bride who’s being whisked away.
There’s nothing wrong in arriving or leaving in your personal car or even a limousine on your wedding day. However, there are quite many of us who love that extra bit of attention from our guests and thus end up arriving and leaving in style. Not bad I say, after all, it’s one day dedicated to splurge and go big on style.

You can go traditional or contemporary, and choose your mode of transport accordingly. You can make quite an impact going overboard and hiring a chartered chopper to lift you up from the venue, or opt for a cozy gondola sailing into a scenic sunset to make it one memorable wedding exit. The point is, if you intend to splurge, you can try out just about any idea that comes to your mind.

Let’s look at the ideas that you can actually consider for that perfect wedding entry or exit.
For Glam Weddings…
You get to strut your stuff in these ultra glam cars that are fit for royalty,

Essential Tips to Plan a Vintage Wedding

It is no secret that planning a wedding is one of the most monstrous tasks one can undertake. And while there are professionals who make it all seem like a breeze, the truth is that there are so many details and intricacies involved that it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. Throw in a theme as complex as vintage for the wedding and you better be prepared for some serious work. Not to scare you, but the deal with planning a vintage wedding is that you either get it right or wrong. There’s no in-between. However, this does not mean that the planning cannot be fun. In fact, the more sure you are about the fact that you want vintage as your wedding theme, the easier it will be to plan it. So, with this first tip, let’s delve into the world of all things vintage and explore the various facets that such a wedding will demand.

The Preliminaries

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, there are some preliminaries that you need to decide so as to get a clearer picture about what your wedding will look like.
Do you want to go for a classic vintage theme or do

Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

First and foremost, let us clear something up―a ‘simple’ wedding reception does not necessarily mean ‘cheap’. Any and all elements of the party are organized and combined in a subtle, less grandeur manner.

For a bride-to-be, one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding is to transform her expectations and ideas for the day into reality. So, if you are someone who has always envisioned her reception party to be all about mingling with family and friends, and enjoying the evening as a newlywed, then the suggestions mentioned below will come in handy.


Barn Wedding

Garden Wedding

Beach Wedding

Selecting a venue that is close to the wedding ceremony location is always an ideal choice. You can save a lot of trouble on transportation, not just for yourself but also your guests. In addition to that, you can keep your guests entertained while the two of you spend some alone time before the reception party begins.


Pick a venue that doesn’t require a lot of additional décor elements and already has a chic ambiance. You can choose a barn, a restaurant with an outdoor seating area, a garden, or the beach for dinner; all you need are some handful of décor