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Winter Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

It the most important time of your life, that moment you have waited for. You want nothing short of the best. This winter season will launch you on a new journey you have always dreamed about. Having a winter wedding can be certainly advantageous in many ways. Sure, the winter brings a lot of chill and it’s not exactly fun to shiver in your wedding gown. Well, the great news is that there are many ideas you can think of to make this event a successful one for your friends, as well as your family.

Winter wedding planning can be fun and can incorporate many innovations in the theme of the event. You can see the brighter side; you do not have to doubt and worry about the weather and unexpected showers that can cause a damper.

Planning a Winter Wedding

This is where you can experiment with the theme, create dramatic effects, as well as innovate and improvise on the clothing. Planning during winters can also be a lot easier as you will be able to book the venues easily, which will help you manage the event without much hassle.

The Venue
The choice of the venue largely depends on the number of guests you are planning to invite. The prime factor in this case should be the heating systems. You can look for a club, inn, any historic mansion, or palatial place. Then, you need to find out about the seasonal decorations of the place. Many times, the place is generally adequately heated; yet you should be sure there are no chances of a draft that may cause a chill and discomfort the guests. You must check the locality around the venue; if there is an unexpected increase in the snowfall, the venue should be easy to access for all your guests.

Arrival at the Venue
‘Tis the Christmas season and time to be jolly! You can opt for a dramatic entrance such as white horse carriage instead of a luxurious car. The idea is to innovate and use the theme of this season to the fullest.

Most of the places you plan to decorate may already have their own decoration for the interiors. In such cases, all you need to do is add some of your own touches. You can use winter accents such as holly and ivy leaves, pinecones, eucalyptus, Baby’s Breath, wheat stems, pumpkin or squash gourds, fir, or even some Christmas ornament balls. You can suspend some artificial snowflakes using a transparent fishing line from the ceiling. The tables can be covered with shimmering white tablecloths and can have silver candelabras holding white candles to add to the pure and pristine look. You can check your local store that stocks Christmas objects, to pick some inexpensive buys. For the centerpiece, you can try to add some bright red cranberries to a decorative bowl, that is filled with water and contains floating candles. This would contrast well with the shimmering white tablecloths. Add some elements, like a gingerbread house or even a decorative ice sculpture, that are bound to elicit some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the guests!

For the girls, this is the time where you can look super hot on a very chilly day. You can stick to your icy cold theme and use a lot of heavy lace and satin in your outfits. Although most women would love to go in for strappy or off-shoulder gowns, these may not prove to be suitable for the chilly weather. For such cases, you may have to opt for delicately designed shrugs, shawls, white faux fur, or velvet wraps, and hooded capes that can look simply awesome when combined with a white wedding dress. Add some exotic diamond jewelry to add to the cool look that’s completely haute for the season. Winter formal dresses can be combined with some sexy white satin boots, which can be designed to match your dress. You can add drama to the wedding by opting for colors apart from the basic white, such as icy blue, shimmering silver, and steel gray; this can also help you achieve the ice maiden look, but in an unconventional way. Ensure that the couple looks well-balanced in terms of the colors used. These dresses can thus offer you plenty of options to experiment and carry off different looks.

The Menu
You can stick to the ice theme and incorporate it in the way the food is presented. Do opt for a white sumptuous cake in three tiers that can be decorated with snowflake patterns. Add some sugar sculptures on the table; use a snow globe and such other elements to add to the effect of the way the food is displayed. How about a white chocolate fountain to add to the excitement? The bottom line is to innovate and present it in a unique way.

Incorporate unique ways to decorate the invitations and create an interest in the minds of the receiver. I am hoping these ideas help you get the basic outline that will help you plan the wedding in the best way possible. This is the time you can let your imagination run wild and try something different from the traditional style!

Wedding Preparation

Congratulations! You are going to be a proud and beaming bride in days to come. I am sure you must be busy accepting congratulatory messages from friends and family upon your engagement. The wedding date is still far off, so you can just relax and bask in the company of your new-found love. Right? Wrong! If you wish to preserve that smile on your lips and the radiance on your face until your wedding day, then start with your preparations this moment. Why? Because wedding preparation is no child’s play and unless you have a team of wedding planners doing it for you, you can not afford to relax. A head start can give you ample time to plan things at your pace and avoid last minutes hassles. So, get your pen and paper and note down these wedding planning and preparation tips.

Decide Your Budget
The whole of our life revolves around money, and wedding is no exception. Hence, the first thing that you need to do is decide upon your wedding budget. A budget will enable you to decide the grandeur of your wedding. The choice of location and the number of guests are the factors that are primarily influenced by a budget. Allocate 25% extra funds to your budget for contingency measures and to cover unforeseen expenses.

Make a Checklist
The next thing that you need to do is make a detailed timeline. This will enable you to divide the tasks according to their priority and the time at your disposal. Important tasks such as booking venue, honeymoon reservations, etc., should be done at least 8 to 12 months prior to the big day. Maintaining a checklist can help you organize your time and will also ensure that you finish everything well ahead of time.

Bookings and Reservations
Make all the important bookings when you still have 6 months to go. These include selecting a venue for wedding and reception, choosing a catering service, hiring a wedding photographer, booking a florist and decorator, hiring a music band, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc. Meanwhile, also make sure you have your passport and other travel documents in place. Make travel and hotel reservations for your honeymoon.

Guest List and Invitations
Make a guest list of people you want to invite upon your wedding. Save-the-date cards should be sent 6-8 months prior to the wedding. Send the invitation cards at least 3 to 4 months before the wedding. Sort the RSVPs and make a final guest list. The final head count of the guests should be made only a couple of weeks before the wedding, since people are bound to change their plans at the eleventh hour.

Shopping for wedding dresses and gifts takes up considerable time in your pre-wedding preparations. You will have to make several trips to the shops until you find a perfect wedding gown. Besides, you will also have to arrange for bridesmaids’ dresses and gifts. Attending dress trials and shopping for accessories and shoes is another time-consuming task. You will also have to shop for wedding favors, groom’s gift, wedding rings, etc. Make sure you finish all the shopping at least 3 months before your big day.

Last Minute Wedding Arrangements
If you are on time, you will have a very few tasks to do during the final days of your wedding. Double check your checklist to see if you have missed anything. Confirm the reservations of your out-of-town guests, give a final head count to the caterer and supervise the wedding decorations. Pack your bags for the wedding day as well as for honeymoon. Prepare an emergency kit for the big day complete with needles, thread, pantyhose, pins, etc.

Amidst all this preparation, make sure that you take good care of yourself. If possible, get a friend or a sibling to help you with the arrangements. This will take the burden off your shoulders so that you can relax a bit and enjoy the biggest occasion of your life.

How to Plan a Casual Wedding

Planning a wedding is an interesting yet challenging task for the organizer and the would-be bride and groom as well. With proper scheduling of events and the right plan in place you can definitely have a perfect wedding organized. If you are searching for some tips on how to plan a casual wedding then all you need to do is read the following sections of this Buzzle article. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you plan a perfect wedding.

Tips on Planning a Casual Wedding

Decide the Budget
You do not need to follow the regular rules and formalities while you opt for a casual wedding ceremony. The first thing you must do before working on the various ideas is deciding your budget. With an idea of the approximate amount you can spend for the wedding, planning will be much easier. Deciding your budget in advance will ensure that the preparations do not exceed the budget. Also that will help you spend enough wherever required.

Date and Venue
You can start the planning by deciding the wedding date. This will help you have an exact idea of how many days are left for making all the arrangements. Now you have to make a proper schedule according to the days available. Once the date is finalized, decide the wedding venue. While you go for a casual wedding, there are plenty of options with the venue. Go for a classy beach wedding or simply have it arranged in the backyard of the couple’s new house with an eye-catching gazebo structure or pergola specially designed for the couple!

Invitations and Follow ups
Invitations need not be printed and well formatted. You just need to get textured handmade papers and a colored pen or sketch pen for making a hand-written invitation card. Mention the required details and write the invitation wording. Restrict the number of guests in case you are planning to have a low-budget wedding. Many also skip the idea of having invitation cards and simply opt for e-cards and phone calls as the medium of inviting.

Wedding Attire
How to dress for a casual wedding is not a really tough question! While you get ready, comfort and right fit is the first priority. The bride and the groom can co-ordinate their attire and opt for fancy outdoor wedding dresses. Brides can definitely think of donning a pretty dress in unusual colors. Bridesmaid dresses can be picked in colors like magenta pink, cyan, turquoise, etc. Deciding a color theme can also be a great idea. Make sure that the bride and the groom start their grooming or makeover sessions in advance so that they are perfectly ready at least 4-5 days before the wedding. This will ensure that the couple looks fresh on the wedding day.

Decorations and Food
Decorations must be made depending upon the wedding venue. You can choose to work on the decorations yourself and take help from your family members and close friends. Another idea is to give a contract to a separate wedding decoration agency who will take care of the complete decoration of the wedding venue. Also book a catering service in advance and decide the menu after consulting with the bride and groom. If you have enough time, take estimates from at least 3-4 caterers and decoration agencies so that the cheapest and of course the best of these can be finalized.

From these tips, you must have understood that there is no need to include each and every element of a formal wedding ceremony in a casual one. What to opt for and how to organize the ceremony completely depends upon the choice of the bride, groom and their parents. Proper planning, following the schedule and avoiding eleventh hour preparations will help you have a well-organized wedding ceremony.

Pre Wedding Preparations

I have always believed that a wedding is not a one day affair, but an event whose preparations can last somewhere around half a year at least. You prepare for a few months, then live through that one beautiful day and then bask in the glory of that day for a few more months. However, to make that one day beautiful, you need to prepare carefully. Pre-wedding preparations aren’t as easy as you think they might be. Yes, this article will surely make them easier for you, but the time it’s going to take you, nothing can possibly reduce that. We shouldn’t compromise on time anyway if we want that one day to be a perfect moment for everyone, isn’t it?

The preparations listed below are just the main categories of all the preparations you need to take care of, and the detailed preparations are listed below them in the paragraphs. The key to preparing well is, and has always been, to write down the preparations so that you don’t forget any minute detail, even if you wish to. Apart from these preparations, you also have occasions such as the rehearsal dinner to take care of. So, stop thinking and start preparing, NOW!

5 Important Things You Need to Take Care of Before Your Wedding

One of the first pre-wedding preparations are the invitations. Make a list of people whom you want to invite and start preparing the invitations. If you’ve decided to have a themed wedding, make sure you mention that in the invitation. It is important to prepare these invitations in time, as people need to be informed some time before the wedding as even they need to prepare for it. Remember that, after you’ve decided the kind of invitations you want, even printing them is going to take some time. Once you’ve made the list, check for the addresses you have and ones that you don’t have.

Another aspect that is going to take a lot of your time is deciding the venue. Finding the perfect place, and that too on the date you have decided, is not an easy task and we all know it, don’t we? The venue needs to be decided before you send the invitations for printing, so make sure you decide the outlook of the invitations and look at venues simultaneously. Once the venue is decided, you need to decide how you’re going to decorate it, and how the seating arrangement is to be kept. If it’s going to be a big wedding, I’d say you just hire a wedding planner.

Deciding the right food and menu for a party, let alone a wedding, is a tough task considering the truckload of options you have. Again, these decisions need to be made mutually by the bride and groom. You need to hunt down few of the best caterers in town, and then see which one offers you the best price amongst all. If the wedding venue is somewhere on the outskirts, are the caterers willingly to provide services there too? The best way to zero in on one company is by asking people who recently got married if they have any contacts of good catering service agents.

Once all the basic preparations are over, you can now focus completely on yourself. Your attire is one of the most important things you need to pay special attention to. Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your life and you have to make sure you look your best on this day, isn’t it? Selecting a wedding gown has to be done keeping in mind what the groom is going to wear or vice versa. The footwear, accessories and the tiara also needs to be finalized. Similarly, the attire of the bridesmaid, and of the good man, also has to be thought of. If these are people outside your family, they might want to select their own attire.

Favors also need to be bought/prepared beforehand so that they don’t become a liability later. You have to first look at a few options you would want to give away as favors, and then zero in on a few. The number of guests who attend a wedding are more than those who attend any other function which makes it important for us to start and finish with the favors in time.

Now that you know these pre-wedding preparations, you can perfectly plan any wedding that you want to. If need be, you can also make a checklist of all the things you need to get in place before the big day. Wedding planning and preparation tips are never ending, and this fact makes us forget a few details here and there. So, to plan and prepare everything in time and to execute it in a much better way, use these tips and suggestions. Remember a stitch in time, saves nine.

How to Choose a Wedding Location for the Big Day

Firstly, congratulations all you brides and grooms-to-be on your upcoming nuptials! From here on begins the planning of the big day you have always dreamed of. A picture perfect wedding! Perfect lights, fabulous decorations, scrumptious food, wedding cake, and the chaste wedding vows, Wow! Sounds so beautiful. However, for all these ideas and plans to fall in proper place, the wedding location you go in for is extremely important. It will truly reflect your style and enable you to cherish the magical moment forever. A wedding venue you select will give you a clear picture of the myriad ideas you can execute in that given room. When a couple starts looking for a wedding location, too often they fall in love with the ambiance and beauty of the place without even considering a few other factors that play an important role. Well, it happens in the moment and one cannot be blamed, after all it is the big day of their life. However, to avoid any regrets or incorrect planning here is an article that will help you select the best of locations and at the same time impress your guests with warm hospitality and fantastic arrangements. Read the entire article to know how to choose the perfect wedding location.

How to Choose a Wedding Location
Capacity: No venue will extend itself magically if you add a few extra guests at the last minute. You need to have a good idea of the number of invitees and in fact add some 50 guests to the number just to be on a safer side, and then look for a venue that accommodates your guest list.
Standing or seated party: When you plan a wedding party it becomes important for you to decide whether you want to serve a stand-up buffet or serve food at the table where people will be seated. While you decide for the same, do not forget to consider the crowd which is being invited, you have to make seating arrangements for senior citizens whatever arrangement you opt for.
Your budget: Sometimes, brides and grooms get carried away by the ambiance of a certain wedding location and happen to shortlist a location which doesn’t even fit their budget. Get realistic, don’t exceed your budget in an effort to impress people. Make sure you and your husband-to-be have set a budget and start searching for venues that fit well into your budget.
Decoration: If you have planned something or have a certain theme in your mind regarding your big day, then look for a location that will translate your thoughts and planning into reality. Discuss with the venue in-charge about the decoration and ask them about the fees they will be charging you. If you find the costs to be unreasonable ask them if they are OK with you employing your own decorators.
In house caterer: Some wedding venues serve only a particular cuisine and you have to go by it. So, find out whether they provide in house caterers, if yes, what kind of cuisine do they serve and the range of dishes in that cuisine. Do not forget to try the food in there before you finalize everything, you don’t want to regret anything, right?
Washroom facilities: This might seem like a very obvious advice on choosing a wedding location. However, sometimes we are so awed by the very appearance of the location, that facilities like this are sidelined. Hence, make sure you look for a clean washroom when you choose a wedding location.
Liquor license: Drinks are amongst the main ingredients for a successful wedding party. Check if the alcohol providers have a valid liquor license, you don’t want to fall into any trouble later. You can also ask if you are allowed to bring in your own liquor, as that works out much cheaper than the former.
Overtime charges and payment schedule: While you are on a hunt to select an appropriate wedding location, discuss the payment details (that includes paying by cash or card), schedule (about the down payment and installments) and other policies regarding the location. Usually the venue authorities allow you to use the location for a specific period of time, make sure you give them an idea about the time you will require, also discuss the overtime charges (in case applicable).
Parking area: Considering small things and thinking about the needs of your invitees will make your wedding party all the more successful and guests will surely bless the newly wed graciously. Parking is one such small thing that can really cause a big problem. You want your guests to walk in the venue with a smile on their face and not a grin (if they didn’t find the right place to park their vehicle). Check if the wedding location provides you with an ample parking space, if not make arrangements likewise.
Room for dancing or playing the band: What is a party without some dancing and singing! When you finalize a wedding location see that they have adequate room for dancing and an elevated platform for a band to play (in case you have a band playing). Also ask them about the provision of music and provide them with the songs you would want them to play during the course.
Wedding photography: Most of the time, the photography aspect is not given a serious thought. Wedding photos are going to treasure these wonderful moments forever. Hence, it is important to go in for a venue with ample natural light. Now, if it happens to be an evening wedding, make sure you ask the people in charge to illuminate the venue so as to get sharper wedding photographs or hire a photographer who can capture images even in the low-light conditions.
Remember marriage is an eternal bliss, wherever it might be taking place in the world. Whatever you decide, choose and plan, I wish you the most fabulous and flawless wedding day ever!

Alternatives to Flower Girl Petals

Almost every aspect of weddings is being experimented with by brides and wedding planners alike. Long, ruffled, flowing gowns have given way to those with sleek and modern cuts. Meaningless (and sometimes useless) favors have given way to DIY and practical ones. The veil has transformed into a hat, and the shoes have outright been discarded for beach weddings.

After all is said and done, the wedding is a roaring success and everyone appreciates the thought, effort, and resourcefulness that went into planning and executing it. However, there may be one aspect that no one thinks about often, or rather takes for granted as a staple in any wedding not to be bothered with a bit of quirk and whimsy: the flower girl’s petal scattering.

There may arise instances when a wedding venue may not permit the use of flower petals to be scattered on the aisle. Or maybe you’re planning a wedding without flowers and the flower girl is the only aspect you’re worried about. Not to worry. We have put together 7 oh-so-adorable alternatives you can use instead of the traditional petals. Browse through them and let us know what you’ll pick!
Flower Basket

For the bride who wants to do something different, but isn’t too comfortable with totally abandoning tradition, a flower girl with a basket of flowers (that she will not scatter) is perfect.
Just Flowers

How in character does this little rock star look! Make your flower girl jump for joy too. Rid her of the pressure of balancing a basket. Just hand her a bunch of fresh flowers that she can hand out to guests as she walks.
Bunch of Balloons

We are yet to find a kid who does not like balloons. Hand the little girl a bunch of bright and colorful balloons and make her day. She can release them as soon as she reaches the altar, just for that added drama.
Super-sized Heart

A wedding is all about love and what better symbol to depict this love than the eternal red heart. Make a really big one out of paper, stick it on a heart-shaped cardboard cutout, and ask her to hand it to the groom when she reaches the altar.
Fun Pinwheel

This will work great if your wedding will take place in a location that will see a considerable amount of wind. Have the kid walk down with a pinwheel, a little something to entertain her while she fulfills her very important duty as a part of your wedding.
Elegant Umbrella

All we can say is that this little girl probably stole the show when she walked down the aisle, until the bride showed up, that is. This is a lace umbrella, but you can always opt for a cute little parasol in any material of the girl’s choice.
Fairy Wand

Every little girl has either dreamed of or dreams of fairies. Make this dream come true. Have her dress up as a fairy and hand her a pretty wand with a star at the top and everything. Watch her flash that 1000-watt smile as she walks down the aisle in glee.
With these super-cool alternatives to flower girl petals, you’re not only going to up the offbeat factor in your wedding, but also going to make a (probably nervous) little girl very, very happy. And who can’t take a little more happiness on their wedding day, right?

Big Advantages of Having a Small Wedding

For a Stress-free Wedding …
Having a small wedding will keep you calm and make you feel more relaxed on the wedding day, because you will be surrounded by familiar faces only.
Different people have different views about a wedding ceremony. While some think that the big day should be big in all aspects, some believe in keeping it simple and intimate. It is a great idea to share the moments of your special day with more people who are your near and dear ones. However, this plan may work well when you have a whole lot of friends and relatives to liven up the event. For others, a small wedding may be just perfect.

If we think a little deeper, a cycle of expenses may be formed while planning a big wedding, which begins with the venue.
Problem Areas You Can Avoid

» Since it is gonna be a large wedding, the venue ought to be some grand palace or a similar bigger place. As the venue is big, the decorative pieces, like the centerpieces, backdrops, and other accessories should match the level of the venue.

» Next comes the wardrobe, one of the highlights of any wedding. A huge wedding hall and expensive decorations is equal to a long, long guest list, and it’s obvious that you want to look your best in front of such a big crowd. Thus, you want to purchase heavy wedding clothes to suit the entire scenario.

» Last but certainly not the least is the menu for the wedding. It is generally believed that the success of a wedding ceremony is judged by the food and drinks served on the occasion. People may forget what were you dressed in or how expensive was your wedding cake; what they will remember is the food served to them, and they will rate the wedding accordingly.
So, a large wedding, in short, is large from every angle, which may, at the end of the day, become stressful and heavy on the pocketbook as well. Having said that, let us now explore the common advantages of having a small wedding.
Reasons to Have a Small Wedding
Easy Management
It is the biggest dream of every couple to make their wedding ceremony a perfect, flawless event and cherish only the good memories. In order to make an event perfectly successful, there should be an ease in its management, and this is possible with a smaller wedding. There are innumerable things to be done as a part of wedding preparations, which requires many hands at work. The smallest mistake may spoil the entire event, and if this happens in front of a huge crowd, it would be even more embarrassing. Hence, it is ideal to keep it small, simple, and easily manageable.
Good Way to Save Money
The most important and obvious advantage of having a small wedding is lesser expenses, resulting into greater savings. You will have a limited number of guests, so less number of invitation cards will be printed, transportation expenditure will come down, and catering costs will reduce, which will ultimately make a perfectly planned budget wedding.
Also, a smaller-sized wedding will allow you to go in for a grand wedding because of the limited number of guests. You might be able to book a higher-priced venue with multiple facilities and luxuries for your guests and still save your money.

The money that will be saved from the wedding can be used for a number of important things, like buying a new home, making investments for a secured future, for your children education, and other personal necessities.
Individual Attention to All Guests

Attending and looking after the guests during a wedding ceremony is a big thing. They are the people, who have traveled so far and come to offer their blessings and good wishes to you for your married life. You will have opportunities to involve each one of them in various activities and make them feel important. Their active participation in the entire ceremony will create a kind of livelihood and make the event more enjoyable. And, if you have 10 to 15 guest tables booked instead of 40, it will be easier for you to approach each guest in person and spend some quality time with them. It will also save much of your time, which can later be invested in dancing and other fun activities.
Scope for Having a Destination Wedding

Who would not like to have a wedding somewhere far and at a destination like Bermuda or Alaska? Well, if you are provoked by the thought and wish for a similar wedding destination for yourself, then know that it is easier with a small wedding. Firstly, there is a wider scope for finding a perfect location because smaller destination wedding venues are abundant as compared to the larger and local wedding venues. Further, it is easier to organize the transport and party arrangements with less number of people in a foreign location.

It is certainly not that small weddings do not pose any difficulties and challenges. You may have to face some negative reactions after announcing your idea, especially from your parents, who believe that since you may be the only child in the family, your wedding should be grand and more inclusive. However, if you explain the whole scenario and the advantages of a smaller wedding, they may get convinced and support you.

Wedding Transportation Ideas

You ought to know…
…decorating the car is generally done by the groom’s male friends – men who effectively have lost their chances with the bride who’s being whisked away.
There’s nothing wrong in arriving or leaving in your personal car or even a limousine on your wedding day. However, there are quite many of us who love that extra bit of attention from our guests and thus end up arriving and leaving in style. Not bad I say, after all, it’s one day dedicated to splurge and go big on style.

You can go traditional or contemporary, and choose your mode of transport accordingly. You can make quite an impact going overboard and hiring a chartered chopper to lift you up from the venue, or opt for a cozy gondola sailing into a scenic sunset to make it one memorable wedding exit. The point is, if you intend to splurge, you can try out just about any idea that comes to your mind.

Let’s look at the ideas that you can actually consider for that perfect wedding entry or exit.
For Glam Weddings…
You get to strut your stuff in these ultra glam cars that are fit for royalty, the royalty that’s you! These modes of transport provide luxury, comfort, and are a bit high-end, and hence need to be booked well in advance. You sure are going to get heads to turn with a decorated stretch limo running down the streets. You can also hire a chopper to airlift you from your wedding reception or drop you at the church.
There’s nothing better than a pearly white Limo!

You can enjoy the drive to the church with the bridal party, or serenade your beloved in a stretch limo. It’s definitely got style, elegance, and the luxury that you need for a memorable wedding.
How about a comfortable SUV?

It’s got style and power, and loads of comfort. Who wouldn’t love arriving in an SUV? Like the limo, you get ample space and privacy, and hence an SUV makes for a good option for wedding transportation.
Set the mood with a vintage car!

What’s better than treating yourself to a blast from the past? Let your guests do the talking as you enter in one of the hey-day classics. Definitely a mood setter!
How about a modern, sleek sedan?

An all time favorite the world over to transport the newly weds, a sedan is a stylish means of commuting to and from the church. Although slack on privacy, a sedan provides comfort and plush interiors. It’s a good bet at reasonable rates.
Just the two of you in a convertible.

You get the privacy that you need, what more can you ask for? There’s you, there’s him/her, and the stars at night to give you company. Convertibles make for a great wedding exit, try getting your hands on one.
Life is one big safari, care to join us?

Just how cool it is to take off in an open safari jeep? Perfect for setting the mood of adventure, and experiencing the wild side of life, this is sure to garner attention as you roll down the terrain.
Absolutely no fuss…

Thinking of a beach/ lawn wedding? It will be incomplete without a grand entry/exit on a neatly-decorated golf cart. Leave in style I say, without getting sand on your clothes.
The Daredevil Wedding…
Your idea of fun is adventure. If you simply can’t do without adding a tad of danger, and loads of fun, to everything that comes your way, then why should your wedding be a regular one. You can spruce up your wedding party by entering or exiting in style. How? Well, you know the many ways to be adventurous, and here, sky is just the limit for the ideas you can come up with.
Don’t you think your winter wedding is incomplete without a snowmobile?

You can zip-zap through the snow, just the two of you together. The drive is going to get cold, and you could do with a good amount of cuddling. Enjoy the drive down the mountain slope, and hold on tight.
Ho, Ho, Ho! Here we go sledging down the slope all in tow.

How about getting your guests to enter on sledges instead of lavish cars? It would be quite a sight to see the newlyweds arrive on a sledge with the bridal party in tow.
What bliss, hanging on the ropes of life, where danger and peril both lie.

You have chosen an exclusive location for your reception and the only means to get there is a suspended cable car. What do you do? Well, you get your guests and your spouse to leave their inhibitions and travel, of course.
Two by two, all aboard the boat that sways.

What do you do when you’ve selected an island in the sun for a wonderful reception? Hire a boat/cruise or a water taxi and get there. Simple as that, ain’t it?
Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

How about arriving in a canoe? Better still, making a splash while exiting the reception on a canoe, decked up in flowers for the purpose. The same goes for a speed boat and a jet ski.
Something that’s Mundane…
This is a part of your daily routine. You simply cannot do without these modes of commuting and it makes sense to incorporate them into your wedding. You can have loads of fun in these transports for sure. Apart from transporting all of your guests in one go, these modes of transport make for an interesting backdrop for amazing wedding portraits.
Anyone up for an adventure?

Load your guests into a bus and heed to your reception. You can have a mini-reception aboard the bus itself. An open-top decker bus makes the prospect sound a tad better.
No hassles, no fuss, it’s all fun on a trolley.

Why spend your hard-earned money on a lavish car for a matter of few hours. Taking the trolley, school bus, or tram is economical as well as interesting to try. Give it a thought, you’re going to have some quality time with all the guests or bridal party commuting together.
Doing the locomotion, eh?

Imagine what a sight it will be if you reach the station/sub all dressed up in your wedding gown or tuxedo. It sure sounds like an experience of a lifetime. The only downside is that you won’t have an iota of privacy in here.
Let this be the worst-case scenario.

Actually not the worst-case scenario, it’s just a case of wanting to merge your day-to-day activities with the most important day of you life. Hire a taxi and sit comfortably watching the world pass-by, as people give you knowing smiles.
Anyone interested in a race?

What a splendid way to exit the reception. Made for each other, your motor bike can be the perfect mode of commuting from the church to the reception.
Thumbs up for an eco-friendly mode of transport.

How about hiring a cycle carriage, and cycling your bride right to the reception. These rickshaws look adorable, and are sure to get you a whole lot of attention from your guests. Do give it a try, I bet you will enjoy the ride.
Why not on a bicycle meant for two?

This is a perfect getaway for those who love their bike. Cycle down from the church to the reception, or make that as a perfect wedding exit. The two of you so in love with each other, cycling down the road in tandem is such an adorable sight.
Truly, country style.

How about doing away with everything fancy and leaving your reception on a saddled horse? Trot away into the sunlight, just the two of you, romancing nature. What a sight!
Last but not the least, the stunner! A red fire truck.

Imagine the sight – a red truck loaded with the bridal party, and the couple sitting comfortably atop. This sure is one swell idea to try.
Phew! This was just about some of the ideas I could stumble upon. There are many more quirky ways to enter your wedding reception, like using a tractor, arriving in a hot air balloon, and so on. The list is pretty much endless, and you can add to it by leaving your comments. Have fun and enjoy your wedding.

Essential Tips to Plan a Vintage Wedding

It is no secret that planning a wedding is one of the most monstrous tasks one can undertake. And while there are professionals who make it all seem like a breeze, the truth is that there are so many details and intricacies involved that it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. Throw in a theme as complex as vintage for the wedding and you better be prepared for some serious work. Not to scare you, but the deal with planning a vintage wedding is that you either get it right or wrong. There’s no in-between. However, this does not mean that the planning cannot be fun. In fact, the more sure you are about the fact that you want vintage as your wedding theme, the easier it will be to plan it. So, with this first tip, let’s delve into the world of all things vintage and explore the various facets that such a wedding will demand.

The Preliminaries

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, there are some preliminaries that you need to decide so as to get a clearer picture about what your wedding will look like.
Do you want to go for a classic vintage theme or do you want a melange of retro and classic vintage? While vintage will have touches of the early 20th century, a retro-inspired wedding will have those of much later years.
Once you decide the sub-theme, decide on the exact year or decade that you want to focus on.
The next thing you should decide is the scope of the theme. Do you want everything in your wedding to coincide with the theme or do you want little whispers of the theme throughout.
Next, from the year that you pick, decide on the colors that you will use. For a classic theme, fresh and/or muted colors like apricot, cranberry, cream, blush, mint, etc., will work. For a retro-inspired theme, think rich and luxurious tones like black, navy, silver, gold, ivory, crimson, etc.
Do you want your guests to pay heed to the theme (read: dress up as per the theme) while attending, or will it be limited only to the wedding party?
Conduct your own thorough research on the year/s you select to make the planning much easier.

The Stationery

Once you’ve picked the year, the ease of getting on with the rest of the planning will depend on your research and your choices. To give your guests a hint about your wedding theme, pick your wedding stationery accordingly. Whatever year you’ve picked, study the use of fonts, colors, paper, and lingo that was prevalent then to get an idea of what your save the dates, invites, and other stationery should look like. While incorporating these elements, it can be quite tempting to cram in all the wonderful styles you come across. Don’t! It may render your stationery over-the-top and loud, when you should be aiming for classy and fun.

Psst! If you want your guests to be dressed in accordance with the theme, inform them about this in the save the dates so that they get enough time to prepare. Take it a step further and also give them names of rentals where they can get costumes from.

The Venue

It was common practice in the yesteryear to hold weddings in homes and then move out to the garden for the reception. If that’s possible with you (note: the guest list will have to be suitably modified to fit into the home), then nothing like it. You could also go rustic with a gorgeous barn wedding. If not, then ballrooms with high ceilings are your next best bet. If you’re still not feeling the vibe you want for your venue, then ask around at heritage buildings if they allow weddings to be conducted. Another option that most couples forget to take into account is restaurants that have a vintage theme. Take a look at them, and see if they’ll let you hold a wedding.

The Décor

Here’s the biggie: coordinating everything on display at the wedding with the theme you so eagerly picked. The trick to perfecting wedding décor, vintage or not, is to pick the colors first and then pick the items. The rule of thumb you should follow is to pick 2 brights or darks and 1 neutral to balance the overall effect. Once you’ve picked the color, the items shouldn’t be that difficult. Keep in mind the color of the venue while deciding on the color. Also, remember to check what was trending in the year that you picked, and pick colors accordingly.

Again, the chances that you’ll be overwhelmed with the plethora of ideas floating around off or online, are more than high. You love those monogrammed burlap favor pouches and the wild flower bouquet that a woman on the other side of the country used on her wedding day and put up on the Internet. But you’ve already promised your grandma that you’ll be giving away her homemade jam as favors (thumbs up, BTW!). The sheer number of stuff out there is bound to make you confused as heck. One of the most-often repeated tips to plan a vintage wedding minus all the melodrama is that you must learn to be extremely organized. Instead of liking ideas one day and forgetting about them the next, make a note of every idea for every aspect that you like, and on a pre-decided date, sit, look at all of them, mix and match ideas, and pick a winning combination.

Another great idea is to pick a venue that already has touches of the theme that you’ve picked. This way, you’ll save a lot of time and money as regards to the décor. Here are some items and ideas you can never go wrong with, be it a classic or a retro-inspired wedding.
Books, candles, antique lamps, and flowers in cups, vases, or watering cans as table décor
Bunting all over the place
Hired vintage furniture to set the mood
Paper pom-poms as venue décor
Combination of cotton and burlap
Gramophones as the focal point of any area
Stacks of vintage suitcases
The Attire

It won’t make sense if your entire wedding venue is perfectly accented with vintage flair and you walk down the aisle in a dress which has a very modern cut and style. You will need to really really hunt around for truly vintage gowns. Ask your grandma if you can modify hers and use it. Look online for vintage gown dealers. There are a lot of wedding planning websites that can direct you towards such vendors. The absolute must-haves in the attire for the bridal couple are:
A sexy pin-up inspired hairstyle
Pearl jewelry
Suspenders and hat for the groom
Lace; in shoes or dress or gloves
You could even look up what your favorite style icon (of the year you picked) wore on their wedding day to get some inspiration.

The Food

Now this is really a matter of personal preference. Most couples will opt to pick contemporary food even after opting for a vintage theme. You could do the same. And if you still want even the food to be within the scope of the theme, you can always opt for using interesting methods of presenting the food. For instance, use striped straws in the drinks you serve. Keep polka-dotted napkins for the guests to use. You can take it a step further and find out what the popular foods of the era were and have one or two of them included in the menu. You could even ask someone in your family for a recipe from the era, have it prepared, and make it the highlight of the menu. As far as the cake is concerned, we suggest opting for a simple homemade cake as was the trend.

The Entertainment

A vintage-themed wedding will be incomplete without reminders of the glorious music of the era. Ensure you have the lilting tune of a trumpet or saxophone in the background. Hire a jazz band if you must. Get your hands on a gramophone in working condition and play songs that were popular then. Since circus entertainment was also big back in the day, you could even hire performers as entertainment. The Charleston, Heebie-Jeebie, and the Shimmy were quite popular dances then. Use one of them for your first dance and encourage guests to follow suit.

The Favors

The Internet is your best friend when it comes to vintage-themed wedding favors. There is just so much stuff that you can get inspiration from, you’ll be spoiled rotten for choice. Here are a few ideas that you can use to remind your guests of the theme as they pick their favors and leave the party.
Mint tins or tins with candy
Edibles like hams, honey, marmalade
Matchboxes with vintage photo covers
Fancy letter openers
Inspiration You Can Use

Here’s a slideshow full of inspiration waiting to be drawn from for both styles of a vintage wedding: classic and retro-inspired. Enjoy it!

To top off the grand success that your vintage wedding will be, make sure you have a getaway vehicle that measures up to it. Get away on a cute tandem bicycle for a classic vintage affair or in a vintage car for a retro-inspired wedding. Whatever you pick, do it in style. After all, what’s a wedding without some oomph, right!?

Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

First and foremost, let us clear something up―a ‘simple’ wedding reception does not necessarily mean ‘cheap’. Any and all elements of the party are organized and combined in a subtle, less grandeur manner.

For a bride-to-be, one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding is to transform her expectations and ideas for the day into reality. So, if you are someone who has always envisioned her reception party to be all about mingling with family and friends, and enjoying the evening as a newlywed, then the suggestions mentioned below will come in handy.


Barn Wedding

Garden Wedding

Beach Wedding

Selecting a venue that is close to the wedding ceremony location is always an ideal choice. You can save a lot of trouble on transportation, not just for yourself but also your guests. In addition to that, you can keep your guests entertained while the two of you spend some alone time before the reception party begins.


Pick a venue that doesn’t require a lot of additional décor elements and already has a chic ambiance. You can choose a barn, a restaurant with an outdoor seating area, a garden, or the beach for dinner; all you need are some handful of décor items.

Place Cards

With each guests’ place decided, a simple place card on the table will suffice. There are times when certain brides-to-be like to use different elements (favors, knick-knacks, signature drinks, etc.) along with the place cards. But if you don’t wish to invest too much of your time and money on this, then a regular place card is totally acceptable. In the same manner, you can place a table with escort cards at the entrance to let your guests know where they’ll be seated for the party.

Table Centerpieces

It’s true that many talented and experienced wedding planners can easily plan, delegate, and organize a spectacular reception party together. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do so yourself. The inspiration for decorating the tables with centerpieces has to come from within; take insights from your likes. In the end, whether it’s you or a wedding planner putting the elements together, it’ll eventually reflect your personal taste in the end.

Table Numbers

Finalizing a typeface for the table numbers can be a tedious task for it has to complement the venue, décor, and ambiance of the party. If you can’t find the perfect typeface, customized or otherwise, do give sites that provide free fonts a chance.


In the ‘spirit’ of keeping things simple, choosing the drinks to be served at the party will also require some decision-making on your part. From a limited open bar option to serving only wine, champagne, and/or beer to a signature drink works wonders.


Sit-down Dinner

Buffet Dinner

When it comes to the meal, there are a few options you can choose from. Of course, a sit-down dinner is always a popular choice. However, there are other ways to go about it. Instead of meal, you can serve heavy appetizers where guests can mingle, chat, dance, and have a great time. On the other hand, you serve a family-style dinner, keep a buffet meal, or have a family cooking party as well.


There are countless bakeries that can help you create a wedding cake that is out of this world. But, since simple is the game, we wish to divert your attention towards how charming these above given cakes are. Basically, we believe that your guests will be more interested in what’s on the inside, than its outer beauty.

Dessert Table

If you wish, you can skip pricey tiered cakes altogether and instead, serve your favorite desserts like brownies, macarons, donuts, lemon squares, and S’mores. Ask bakeries to provide you a variety of their most popular or favorite treats to be placed on your very own dessert table.


Homemade items like cookies, brownies, candles, etc., can make for wonderful wedding favors. On the other hand, you can even give your guests their very own cactus pots. Basically, these are low fuss, high satisfaction favors that almost everyone will adore and remember you for.

Finally, we’d advice you to take your time in planning and organizing every aspect of your wedding ceremony and reception party (apart from the occasions leading up to the big day). This day will come once in your lives, and enjoying it the way the two of you want is of utmost importance.